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This page is dedicated to the Kelley Family and their dearly departed daughter Jessi who loved animals. They would like to provide financial assistance to those who need medical care for their beloved pets in her memory. If you are interested in applying for this grant program please fill out the Jessi's Gift Form which can be found on on this page and return it to Burke County Animal Hospital via email to [email protected], by mail or in person at 132 S. Liberty St., Waynesboro GA 30830.

About Jessica:

Jessica Lynn Distler (March 20, 1985 - Feb 2022) was passionate about pets. She loved all kinds of animals and worked tirelessly to help pet owners with their babies no matter the breed or type of pet. She was the mama to two pit-mixed dogs, Annabelle and Persephone. They were sisters from a litter of 16 who were born in the kitchen of the family home. Their mom had been used and abused by dog-fighting people and she had been dumped at a business wearing a heavy chain and carrying 16 puppies. Jessi worked hard to save the lives of each of these precious puppies and kept Annabelle and Persephone to raise herself. Persephone passed a few years ago and Annabelle passed within days of Jessica. No pet parent had more love for their animals than Jessica.

Jessi worked as a dog trainer for more than 14 years. She worked every day and never had much money for herself because she spent it all on her dogs and on helping foster animals. She felt that every dog and cat was important and that no matter what the behavior problem was, the animal could be saved. Jessica herself had overcome behavioral challenges. She was on the Autism spectrum and worked hard to learn how to deal with people on a daily basis. She was fiercely independent. She placed a priority on taking care of those who could not take care of themselves. It is because of her caring and compassionate personality that we (her family) decided to join with Dr. Ford and Burke County Veterinary Hospital to offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford to provide medical care for their pets. Jessi would have loved doing this, knowing that she is having a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners. We know that Jessica is smiling down on us and is watching over our much loved pets.

We hope that you and your pet are able to live a long and happy life together. When you can, please pay Jessi's kindness forward and help homeless animals wherever you find them. Please, spay and neuter all of your pets.

The Kelley Family

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Jessi's Gift Application

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