Pet Boarding at Burke County Animal Hospital

When you go on vacation, a business trip or spend a weekend away, it’s important to have reliable care for your pets. Pet boarding for dogs and cats with Burke County Animal Hospital is a great way to make sure your pet is comfortable and well taken care of while you enjoy your trip.

Benefits of Veterinary Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding BCAH

Veterinary pet boarding offers many benefits over traditional pet boarding, and the biggest benefit is that we have a veterinarian and veterinary technicians that are experienced and trained in the handling and care of all types of dogs and cats. We also have the ability to immediately examine and provide medical care for your pet if he or she becomes ill, and the ability to administer daily medications for pets with chronic illnesses.

Boarding Services

We offer daycare and overnight/weekend boarding for all clients. Have your fur babies taken care of like they would be at home. Our trained kennel staff will be sure your pets are well fed, cared for and loved while you are away. Upon request we will also bathe and clip nails before you pick them up!

$8 per day for daycare

$20 per night for cats ($22 if on medication)

$22 per night for dogs ($24 if on medication)

Burke County Animal Hospital


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